Witty Chronos

Witty Chronos Chronos Conquest

I designed a boardgame edited since September 2011. The game has been published under two different names: Witty Chronos (1st edition) and Chronos Conquest (2nd edition). The publisher went bankrupt in 2015 and the game is hard to find outside France and Germany. The second edition contains extra variants and is better illustrated.

Rules : The player who first accumulates 100 points wins the game. Each player has two hourglasses of thirty seconds. Cards shown a value from 10 to 50 or a special power. Cards are shuffled and placed in the center of the table into several piles of cards, face up. Sandtimers are used to win cards. When a player places a sandtimer on a card, he returns it to make it flow. Sandtimers can only be moved when they are emptied. When a player moves its sandtimer (to another card), he wins the card on which he was, provided there was no other sandtimers on it. Players don't have to move their empty sandtimers, so they can block opponents.

You may found it clearer if you watch this video.