BRIDGES - Brazil-France interplays in Gauge Theory, extremal structures and stability

Projet PRCI ANR--FAPESP : ANR-21-CE40-0017

This project stands at the crossroads of complex algebraic geometry and Riemannian geometry, with a team of Brazilian and French experts from both fields. Our common goal is to advance the understanding of the interplays between algebraic invariant theory and special connections on sheaves and bundles, building a transatlantic research group ready to weigh in on the new challenges of Geometry in the 21st century.

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French side

  • Vestislav Apostolov
  • Daniele Faenzi
  • Eveline Legendre (coordinator)
  • Eric Loubeau
  • Andrei Moroianu
  • Yann Rollin
  • Carl Tipler
  • Jean Vallès

  • Brazilian side

  • Andrew Clarke
  • Viviana del Barco
  • Jardim Marcos
  • Lino Grama
  • Gonçalo Oliveira
  • Lazaro Rodriguez
  • Henrique Sá Earp (coordinator)