BRIDGES is a Brazil-France collaboration in Geometry, aiming to advance the understanding of special geometric structures on manifolds and their moduli spaces, with special focus on CR, Sasaki, Kähler, G2 and Spin(7), and conformal geometries, gauge theory, sheaves on threefolds and Bridgeland stability. The main institutions involved are Unicamp in Brazil and the Universities of Lyon 1, Paris-Saclay and Brest in France. 

The BRIDGES collaboration is offering several postdoctoral positions, based in Brazil or France, with flexible start in 2023. Details for applicants can be found below.

Postdoctoral positions in FRANCE

       1. Send an e-mail to and, containing:

Subject line: BRIDGES | Post-doctoral position | France

CV + list of publications;

research project;

location and name of the intended supervisor;

      2. Arrange for two or three recommendation letters to be sent directly by the authors to the above emails, including one from the former PhD supervisor.

Results: December 15, 2022.