Xavier-François Roblot

Institut Camille Jordan
Bâtiment Doyen Braconnier
21, avenue Claude Bernard
Tél : (+33/0)472 431 908
email :

Currently Maître de conférences at the Institut Camille Jordan of Université Claude Bernard Lyon I since September 2000.
Before Associate Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology from Feb. 2010 to March 2012.
Even before Postdoctoral (1998-2000) in the department of Computer Science at Concordia University (Montreal).
Domain Explicit and computational aspects of algebraic number theory.
Keywords Stark's conjectures; \(L\)-functions; \(p\)-adic computations.
Programming Member of the development team of the system PARI.
Resources List of publications, list of selected talks, various tables.
Deuxième semestre Algèbre linéaire et bilinéaire
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Tools Google, Dictionary, Wikipedia, Universal Currency Converter.
Math organizations Number Theory Web, AMS, SMAI-SMF.
Math publications Online journals, MathSciNet, Ideal Library.
Other math resources Institut MacTutor, Constants, MathWorld, J. S. Milne notes.

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