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The research themes of the Camille Jordan Institute cover a very broad range of the mathematical sciences. Professors belong to two different sections of the Conseil National des Universit├ęs: 25 - Mathematics and 26 - Applied mathematics and applications. Researchers mostly belong to the section 41 - Mathematics and their interactions of CNRS.

Research themes

Members of the institute belong to the following teams:

  • Algebra, Geometry, Logic (AGL)
  • Combinatorics, Number Theory (CTN)
  • Analysis, Partial Differential Equations (EDPA)
  • History of Mathematics (HM)
  • Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing (MMCS)
  • Probability, Statistics, Mathematical Physics (PSPM).

Cross-displinary teams

An Inria Research Team (EPC) (which was created in 2011 and 2015) is also integrated into ICJ:

  • DRACULA - Multi-scale modelling of cell dynamics: application to hematopoiesis.

Moreover, computing ressources and activities of ICJ have been gathered in a team called Calcul, which acts at a national level.