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-$$$De nos honorables correspondants mathématiciens,​$$ 
-Chers, on me dit que la charte fondant l'​Universite Technologique de l'​Université de 
-Tampere (Finlande) vient d'​être signée aujourd'​hui et que de ce fait  au 21 Décembre 2009 
-les membres de cette institution jusqu'​ici fonctionnaire de l'Etat finlandais seront 
-membre d'une institution privée. Ce n'est pas clairement dit dans le texte; il faut 
-decrypter; mais pour un français c'est un exercice facile. 
-Ce qui arrive aux autres... 
-$$Charter of the TUT foundation will be signed on 9 February$$ 
-02.02.2009 12:49 
-The charter of the foundation of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) will be signed in 
-the Main Building of the University on Monday, 9 February 2009 at 13.00. 
-Minister of Education and Science Henna Virkkunen, her predecessor Sari Sarkomaa, 
-representatives of the private financiers and the Board of Tampere University of 
-Technology will be present at the event. 
-Rector Markku Kivikoski, TUT 
-Minister of Education and Science Henna Virkkunen 
-Board Chair Ole Johansson, Federation of Finnish Technology Industries 
-Board Chair Timo Salli, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
-The Board of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) decided on Monday 10 November 2008 
-that TUT will adopt the university foundation model starting on 1 January 2010, provided 
-that the government makes a favourable decision concerning its own portion of the 
-funding. News of the government’s positive decision to fund the foundation was received 
-in mid-November,​ after the government’s Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy had 
-discussed the matter. The government will donate the University EUR 125 million, since 
-the government is committed to funding university foundations with the same 5:2 ratio as 
-the Aalto University. TUT’s own goal is to accumulate a EUR 50 million capital for the 
-foundation. By the end of 2008 the University had already accumulated 60 per cent of this 
-The process has advanced rapidly in spite of the difficult economic situation. This shows 
-that TUT has strong support from industry and government to go ahead with the foundation. 
-Rector Markku Kivikoski believes that the form of a foundation will bring TUT more 
-flexibility in interacting with the rest of society, as well as more freedom to invest in 
-new openings in research and the quality of teaching. “Through its own financial 
-instruments,​ a foundation university has more independent financial leeway than an 
-institution under public law. In addition, this kind of independence has a positive 
-influence on TUT’s image, when competing for good researchers,​ teachers and students”,​ 
-says Kivikoski. 
-Tampere University of Technology was founded in 1965. The University conducts scientific 
-research in technology and architecture and provides higher education within these 
-fields. Leading-edge fields of research at TUT are signal processing based technologies,​ 
-nanophotonics,​ biotechnology,​ and intelligent mobile machines and hydraulic systems. TUT 
-works in close collaboration with industry and is a much sought-after cooperation 
-partner. Practically all Masters of Science in Technology or Architecture and Doctors of 
-Technology or Philosophy who graduate from TUT find employment, predominantly in the 
-service of business life. 
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