MALOA model theory semester, Lyon, Spring 2011

Dates: 5 March - 4 June 2011



PhD students in model theory, and anyone else with a firm background in model theory, e.g., a graduate level course.

Participant funding

MALOA three-year fellows will be able to attend using their fellowship funds. Four additional three month fellowships have been attributed. We hope to obtain several additional fellowships from the IHP for French students. We encourage any student who wishes to attend the programme and can find alternative means of funding to do so.


We can promise housing in Lyon (for a limited number of participants) at roughly 400 € per month. Requests should come by early January. After that date we can try but cannot promise anything.


The programme consists of twelve weeks (as well as one Spring break week, 23-30 April). A basic week will consist of Some weeks we shall have a visiting instructor, in which case seminars may be skipped in order to allow for a mini course of up to ten hours (two per day).

Calendar (partial)

Planned courses

By local instructors

By visiting instructors

For more information

Contact Itaï BEN YAACOV.