Continuous logic and functional analysis


Please note that the program below still might change.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30-10:20 Welcome coffee Berenstein Ben Yaacov 3 Törnquist Sherman
10:30-11:20 Solecki     discussions Pestov     discussions Lupini
11:45-12:35 Dodos 1 Dodos 2 Dodos 3 Kubis Henson
12:35-14:30     lunch     lunch     lunch     lunch     lunch
14:30-15:20 Ben Yaacov 1 Ben Yaacov 2 Thomas
15:20-16:10     discussions     discussions     discussions
16:10-17:00 Todorcevic Lopez Abad Rubin


A. Berenstein, Reflexive representability and stable metrics

C. Ward Henson, Uncountably categorical Banach space structures

Wieslaw Kubis, Metric categories and Fraïssé limits

Martino Lupini, Continuous logic and sofic groups

Jordi Lopez Abad, On the Banach-Saks property

Vladimir Pestov, On amenability and property (T) of infinite dimensional groups (tentative)

Matti Rubin, The reconstruction problem for locally convex metrizable topological vector spaces (joint with V.P. Fonf)

David Sherman, Some model theoretic results about operator algebras

Slawomir Solecki, An abstract approach to Ramsey theory with applications

Simon Thomas, A Descriptive View of Unitary Group Representations

Stevo Todorcevic, A density theorem for products of finite sets

Asger Törnquist, A Fraïssé theoretic view of the Poulsen simplex