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Materials are available on-line.

Speakers will include:

L. Baulieu (LPTHE Paris) T. Mohaupt (Liverpool)
G. Cardoso (Lisbon) A. Niemi (Tours)
V. Cortes (Hamburg) V. Ovsienko (ICJ Lyon)
B. de Wit (Utrecht) D. Roytenberg (Bonn)
V. Fock(Strasbourg) P. Sundell (Mons)
K. Gawedzki (ENS Lyon) U. Theis (Jena)
R. Kashaev (Geneva) A. Tomasiello (Milan)
A. Kotov (Luxembourg) M. Volkov (Tours)
C. Laurent-Gengoux (Poitiers) T. Voronov (Manchester)
P. Mnev (Steklov St.Petersburg) A. Wipf (Jena)


Organizing Committee: F. Delduc, V. Salnikov, H. Samtleben, T. Strobl.

The workshop is coorganized by the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and the
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

A limited number of grants supporting travel and/or lodging expenses
will be available (especially for young participants).

If you are interested in contributing to our workshop with a short (30 minutes)
communication, please send us your abstract using the contact form.

Contact the webmaster