I am a theoretical physicist, with interests in condensed matter theory and mathematical physics. I work as a CNRS researcher at Institut Camille Jordan, University of Lyon 1, where I hold an exchange position between the Physics (INP) and Mathematics (INSMI) Institutes of CNRS.

Jean-Marie Stéphan

[Since January I'm in the process of transfering from ICJ to LPENSL.]


My research interests gravitate mostly around strongly correlated low-dimensional quantum systems, their entanglement, equilibrium and non equilibrium properties. Examples of such systems include cold-atomic gases and quantum spin models. I use mostly non rigorous techniques such as (conformal) field theory, and exact solutions of concrete simplified models. I also study classical statistical mechanics, in particular constrained models such as dimer or vertex models, that are described by similar field theories.

I’m also interested in the numerical techniques that allow to simulate such systems; in particular exact diagonalizations, Monte Carlo, and Matrix product states techniques such as DMRG.

I am a member of the grant ANR-18-CE40-0033 'Dimers', the IDEX ANR-16-IDEX-0005 ToRe program, and the IRP Integrable Probability, Classical and Quantum Integrability.