Free Tuna Altınel

Return his passport

Tuna Altınel has returned to Lyon on 11 June 2021, despite a 2 year harassment from the Turkish authorities. This is not yet the end of his struggle as the administration still threatens to cancel his passport.

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Tuna Altinel, a mathematician at Institut Camille Jordan, University of Lyon 1, is being held in prison by the Turkish authorities in response to his involvement in the defence of human rights with the “Academics for Peace” movement. We demand the restitution of his passport call for his immediate release and allowing his return to France, as well as respect for the fundamental rights of all the Academics for Peace.

For more information see the support commitee webpage.

NB: Tuna Altinel has been released on July 30 after 81 days in jail and has been acquitted on January 24. His passport is still being withheld by the Turkish authorities which means he cannot return to France.

Please make sure you sign the petition and continue to have it signed in order to obtain the restitution of his passport. Note that the 6924 first signatures were obtained while Tuna was held in prison.

Libérez Tuna Altınel - Free Tuna Altınel

Cette pétition est fermé - This petition is closed

End date: Jun 11, 2021

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