Tuna Altinel

Template videos:


Whom to address?
Tuna, your fellow mathematicians, the general public, French or Turkish authorities... up to you!

What to say?
Here are a few typical elements (in English) to pick from for your text:
Short and efficient:
    Se déplacer et travailler librement sont des droits universels. Sans passeport notre collègue Tuna Altınel reste privé de ces droits fondamentaux.     /     To travel and to work are universal rights. Without his passport, our colleague Tuna Altınel is deprived of these fundamental rights.
And 2 ready-mades in 3 languages:
Adapt and use you own language! Also, feel free to add ideas to the list above.

Please send a .txt file containing your speech (in original language or English translation). We'll handle the translating and subtitling.

Tip: extra silent time before and after talking can always be edited out.

When your video is ready, please use filename: firstname_lastname_institution and drop it on https://www.dropbox.com/request/aqGYOnhUeUUlSAcXUDsm

Please send before March 12---but of course, early is welcome.

So many thanks,
The support committee

Tuna Altinel