Vitae / Research:


  • I am graduated from Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France.
  • My PhD in applied mathematics was on numerical methods; my advisor was Jacques Baranger.
  • I have been working for many years as a Research Engineer specialised in Scientific Computing in the Applied Mathematics art of the Maths Laboratory (now Institut Camille Jordan) of Claude Bernard University.

Research (recent activities)

  • Numerical methods and programs for stiff reaction-diffusion equations-Multiresolution:

    During the ANR projects AVCIsi and Sechelles, I have developed efficient codes for (large) stiff systems of reaction-diffusion equations. All the codes are based on operator splitting, explicit stabilised Runge-Kutta methods (Rock) for the diffusion and Radau solvers for the reaction.

    Among different applications, I applied it to a model of 21 stiff equations, which describes the ionic movements in the brain during a stoke (ANR AVCIsi).

    During the ANR project Sechelles, I have implemented this approach in a multiresolution framework. Parallelism in shared memory is done via task stealing (with Intel TBB library).

  • High performance kernels for the heat and Poisson equations

    With V. Louvet (ICJ), A. Darte (ENSL), T. Guillet (Intel) and R. Prat (Student at ICJ) we develop kernels in shared memory which have a high numerical intensity. This is a work in progress, contact me if you are interested.

  • Member of former ANR projects AVCIsi, Sechelles and INRIA Numed.

  • I am now a voluntary (unpaid) collaborator of the Institut Camille Jordan, and I am also a partial time collaborator of the team of Marc Massot (École Polytechnique, CMAP, Palaiseau).