Several lectures

There will be 9 lecturers who will bring out some outstanding research aspects in Statistics, Hydrology and Climate through lectures and R tutorials.

Mathieu Ribatet (Montpellier University)

Short introduction to univariate extremes. First refresher course of the summer school.

Jenny Wadsworth (Lancaster University)

Introduction to multivariate extremes and different definitions of the 'multivariate tail'. Hidden regular variation and conditional extremes model. Spatial extremes with models for maxima and for threshold exceedances. Inference for the models introduced, using package functions (e.g. in evd, texmex).

Peter Craigmile (Ohio State University)

Spectral analysis and wavelets methods for time series, with application to analyzing long memory processes and hydrology. Spatio-temporal modeling, with application to paleoclimate (including geostatistical processes).

Benoît Hingray (Grenoble University)

Climatic variability and regional hydro-meteorology. Main hydrological processes and modelization for the study of impact to the scale of watershed.

Anne-Catherine Favre (Grenoble-INP)

Detecting changes in extremes. Generalized extreme value and generalized Pareto distributions in a non stationary framework, with applications in hydrology. Designing a hydraulic structure in a non stationary framework.

Benjamin Renard (IRSTEA Lyon)

Introduction to bayesian estimation and MCMC methods. Case study including: (1) univariate Bayesian estimation of a GEV; (2) temporal covariates; (3) regionalization step.

Aurélien Ribes (CNRM-GAME, CNRS /Météo France)

Some general aspects of climate change. State of the art and recent methods on attribution. Detection and attribution, long-term changes in extremes.

Stephen Blenkinsop (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)

Hydrologic subjects in relation with climate change (water resources or floods). Climatic indices of climate change. Applications on extremes rainfall.

Dan Cooley (Colorado State University)

Additional aspects of Multivariate Extreme Value models and Spatial models for extremes. Hydrological applications. Extremes and climate change. Classical maps.