Research Engineers are not supposed to each! But... in the recent years I have given some lectures:

  • École Doctorale Lyon-Calcul

    Since 2012, I give lectures on advanced C++ for scientists, performance optimization, floating-point numbers ... in a course for graduate students of Lyon.


    in Saint-Louis, Sénégal (Lectures) on numerical methods for reaction-diffusion equations, September 2013

  • C++ for Scientists/Engineers:

    In 2012, 2013 and 2014,I gave two curses to students in mathematical engineering.

    C++ is a very complex language, too complicated to be learned by students in only 20 hours! Moreover, using C++ in scientific computing needs some art.

    After a very boring experience (for students and for me), I switched to a more efficient method: teach C++ from examples. All my lectures consists in reading, commenting completely, compiling, modifying small programs. The results of this approach is much better than a classical one.