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  • `Deterministic and stochastic modelling of a catalytic surface reaction,' PhD thesis, University of Heidelberg (2006) pdf
  • `Ein mesoskopisches stochastisches Modell für die CO-Oxidation an Platinoberflächen,' Diplomarbeit, University of Heidelberg (2000)

Published articles:
  • C. Reichert, J. Starke, and M. Eiswirth, `Stochastic model of CO oxidation on platinum surfaces and deterministic limit,' Journal of Chemical Physics 115(10) (2001) JCP
  • J. Starke, C. Reichert, M. Eiswirth, H.H. Rotermund, and G. Ertl, `Fluctuation-induced pattern formation in a surface reaction,' Europhysics Letters 73(6) (2006) pdf

Submitted articles:
  • C. Reichert, `Laws of large numbers for mesoscopic stochastic models of reacting and diffusing particles' pdf

Book chapters:
  • J. Starke, C. Reichert, M. Eiswirth, and K. Oelschläger, `Stochastic modelling and deterministic limit of catalytic surface processes,' in W. Jäger et al. (Eds.), `Reactive Flows, Diffusion and Transport' (2007) pdf

Articles in preparation:
(For a preliminary version please write an e-mail.)
  • C. Reichert, J. Starke, and M. Eiswirth, `Modelling CO oxidation on Pt at intermediate pressure: thermal and stochastic effects'
  • S. Lacharme and C. Reichert, `Derivation of an effective model for a catalytic exhaust gas converter'

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