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Professeur de Mathématiques Appliquées


Institut Camille Jordan
Bâtiment Braconnier, bureau 211
Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
Campus de la Doua
43 boulevard du 11 novembre 1918
69622 Villeurbanne cedex

Tel +33 (0)4 72 43 19 06

I recently moved from Orsay to Lyon 1 (on September 1st, 2018). I was still a lot in Orsay and Paris till Christmas, but now this is no more the case.
Université de Lyon has awarded me a welcome grant for my project Optimal Transport and Congestion Games. With this grant, I will hire a post-doc (applications are close, the hiring process is in progress).

During the Spring term 2019 I am a visitor professor in Pavia, where I give a course on Calculus of Variations. I will spend in Pavia a total of approx 4 weeks, and I can be found at the office C17 of the Math Department .

My book Optimal Transport for Applied Mathematicians was published in 2015.


Workshops, seminars and main occupations for Spring 2019

Mar 25-27 : I was in Regensburg, for the LIA COPDESC workshop on Calculus of Variation and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations.
Mar 27-29 : I was in Toulouse, for the Workshop on optimal transport and applications of the special trimester on Calculus of Variations and Probability.

April 8 : I tooke part in a meeting of the ANR group Singlestatomics at Agro Paristech.

April 12-13 : I was in Pavia for my course on Calculus of Variations.
April 15-19 : I was in Pisa, where I will give a talk at the Math Dept, visit G. Alberti and G. Buttazzo, and take part in the workshop Some topics of Geometric Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory.

May 1st-11 : I was in Pavia for my course on Calculus of Variations.

May 13 : I gave a short course in the School CEA INRIA EDF A Numerical introduction to optimal transport at INRIA Paris.
May 14 : I took part in a hiring committee in Créteil (Paris 12).

May 23-24 : my student Hugo Lavenant defended his thesis in Orsay.

May 30-31 : I was in Pavia for my course on Calculus of Variations.

June 3-6 : I was in Luminy for the workshop CROWDS: models and control.
June 7 : I was in Athens, giving a talk on the least gradient problem.
June 9-14 : I am in Cetraro, for the CIME school of MFG where I'm giving a course on MFG.

June 23-28 : I will be in Cortona, for the workshop POTA (People in Optimal Transportation and Applications).

e-mail: santambrogioCHIOCCIOLAmathPUNTOuniv-lyon1PUNTOfr or filippoPUNTOsantambrogioCHIOCCIOLAuniv-lyon1PUNTOfr
("CHIOCCIOLA" and "PUNTO" are italian words to be replaced by "@" and ".", respectively)