Current PhD students

In Orsay

  • Hugo Lavenant
    Subject: Optimizal curves and maps in the Wasserstein space
    Third year, financed by ENS Paris.

  • Clement Sarrazin
    Subject: Lagrangian approximation of congested MFG
    First year, financed by U. Paris-Sud, co-supervised with Q. Mérigot.

  • In Lyon

  • Alexey Kroshnin
    PhD thesis to start soon, cotutelle with IITP Moscow, co-supervised with A. Sooloevskii.

  • Far away

  • Boubacar Fall
    Subject: Obstacle optimization in crowd motion models and diffusion equations
    Second year at UCAD, Dakar (Sénégal), co-supervised (20%) by D. Seck, financed by the project NLAGA of the Simons foundation.

  • Past PhD students

  • Samer Dweik
    Subject: Transport and control problems with boundary costs: regularity and summability of optimal and equilibrium densities
    Samer defended on July 12, 2018 (committee: P. Cannarsa, N. Igbida, C. Jimenez, P. Pansu, P. Rybka, F. Santambrogio; referees: P. Cannarsa, L. de Pascale).
    Samer is now post-doc in the group of N. Ghoussoub, UBC, Vancouver.

  • Paul Pegon
    Subject: Branched transport and fractal structures
    Paul defended on November 21st, 2017 (committee: J.-F. Babadjian, S. Masnou, J.-M. Morel, S. Rigot, F. Santambrogio, B. Wirth; referees: S. Masnou and B. Wirth).
    Paul has recently got a permanent position as a Maître de conférences in Paris-Dauphine.

  • Antonin Monteil
    Co-supervised with R. Ignat in Orsay.
    Subject: Approximations elliptiques d'énergies singulières, en transport branché et micro-magnétisme
    Antonin defended on December 7th, 2015 (committee: F. Bethuel, R. Ignat, E. Oudet, P. Mironescu, E. Sandier, F. Santambrogio; referees: F. Bethuel and R. Jerrard).
    Antonin is now FNRS research fellow at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium.

  • Alpár-Richard Mészáros
    Subject: Mean Field Games with density constraints
    Alpár defended on September 10th, 2015 (committee: Y. Brenier, G. Carlier, B. Nazaret, B. Maury, F. Santambrogio, F. Silva; referees: G. Carlier and W. Gangbo).
    He is now Hedrick Assistant Adjunct Professor at UCLA, working in the group of I. Kim and W. Gangbo.

  • Jean Louet
    Subject: Transport problems with gradient penalization
    Jean defended his thesis on July 2nd, 2014 (committee: G. Bouchitté, B. Merlet, F. Santambrogio, S. Serfaty, A. Trouvé, Q. Xia; referees: G. Bouchitté and S. Serfaty).
    He is now teacher for Classes Préparatoires at Lycée Jules Ferry, Versailles.

  • Nicolas Bonnotte
    In cotutelle with SNS Pisa (co-advisor : L. Ambrosio)
    Subject: Méthodes unidimensionnelles et d'évolution pour le transport optimal
    Nicolas defended his thesis on December 16th, 2013 (committee: L. Ambrosio, J.-D. Benamou, J.-A. Carrillo, N. Gigli, B. Maury, F. Santambrogio; referees: J.-D. Benamou, J.-A. Carrillo).
    He is now working for a company in the Saint-Gobain group in the Paris area.

  • Lorenzo Brasco
    Co-supervised with G. Buttazzo and G. Carlier, cotutelle Università di Pisa - Université Paris-Dauphine.
    Subject: Geodesics and PDE methods in transport models
    Lorenzo defended his thesis on October 11, 2010 (committee: L. Ambrosio, G. Bouchitté, Y. Brenier, G. Buttazzo, G. Carlier, L. De Pascale, A. Pratelli, F. Santambrogio; referees: L. Ambrosio and G. Bouchitté).
    Lorenzo is now Associate Professor in Ferrara (Italy).
  • Post-doc

  • Simone Di Marino
    After a PhD obtained in Pisa (with L. Ambrosio), Simone worked in the framework of the ANR project ISOTACE, on density-constrained evolution PDEs and multi-marginal optimal transport, under the supervision of B. Maury and me. He is now INDAM permanent researcher at SNS Pisa, Italy.
  • Guilherme Mazanti
    After a PhD obtained at École Polytechnique (with Y. Chitour and M. Sigalotti), Guilherme got a Lecteur Hadamard position to work under my supervision on mean field games.
  • Federico Stra
    After a PhD obtained in Pisa (with L. Ambrosio), Federico now workw in the framework of the ANR project MAGA, on the Lagrangian and semi-discrete approximation of gradient flows PDE, under the supervision of Q. Mérigot and me. Hewill soon move to EPFL, Switzerland.

    Jury committees

    PhD -- Other than my students, I have been member of PhD committees in four different countries, and in particular of the committees of

  • Aimé Lachapelle, Paris-Dauphine, PhD thesis with G. Carlier and J. Salomon, June 2010. Aimé is now working in the private sector in the Paris area.
  • Xiang Yu Liang, Paris-Sud, PhD thesis with G. David, December 2010. Xiang Yu has then become assistant professor in Lyon, France.
  • Anouar Houmia, Paris-Dauphine, PhD thesis with G. Carlier and R. Tahraoui, April 2011. Anouar is now assistant professor at King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia.
  • Al-Hassem Nayam, Pisa, PhD thesis with G. Buttazzo, July 2011. Nayam has now a faculty position in N'Djamena, Tchad.
  • Aude Roudneff-Chupin, Paris-Sud, PhD thesis with B. Maury, December 2011. Aude is now teacher for Classes Préparatoires at Lycée Condorcet, Paris.
  • Davide Zucco, Torino, PhD thesis with P. Tilli, February 2012 (president of the Jury committee). Davide is now post-doc at Politecnico di Torino.
  • Xin-Yang Lu, SNS Pisa, PhD thesis with G. Buttazzo, November 2013. Xin-Yang is now assistant professoir in Lakehead University in Canada.
  • Than-Nam Nguyen, Orsay, PhD thesis with D. Hilhorst, November 2013. Than-Nam is now post-doc in South Korea.
  • Pierre Bochard, Orsay, PhD thesis with R. Ignat, June 2015. Pierre is now going to teach in China.
  • Yangqin Fang, Orsay, PhD thesis with G. David, September 2015.
  • Panayotis Antonopoulos, Athens, PhD thesis with N. Alikakos, October 2015. Panayotis is professor at high school in the Athens area.
  • Roméo Hatchi, Dauphine, PhD thesis with G. Carlier, December 2015 (president of the jury committee). Romeo is now teaching at high school.
  • Jana Al Khayal, Orsay, PhD thesis with D. Hilhorst, November 2016. Jana is now teaching at the university in Lebanon.
  • Romain Hug, Grenoble, PhD thesis with E. Maître and N. Papadakis, December 2016 (referee).
  • Francesco Patacchini, Imperial college, PhD thesis with J.-A. Carrillo and Y. Huang, June 2017 (referee). Francesco is now post-doc at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Van Than Nguyen, Limoges, PhD thesis with N. Igbida, October 2017. Van Thanh is now postdoc in Nantes.
  • Carlos Román, Paris 6, PhD thesis with E. Sandier and S. Serfaty.

  • HDR -- I was also member of the Jury committee for the HDR (habilitation thesis) of

  • Benoît Kloeckner, Grenoble, December 2012 (Benoît is currently professor in Créteil),
  • Benoît Merlet, Polytechnique, December 2013 (Benoît is currently professor in Lille).
  • Grégoire Loeper, Paris 6, September 2014 (referee, Grégoire is currently professor at Monash University, Melbourne).
  • Anne Auger, Orsay, February 2016 (Anne is CR INRIA at LRI).
  • Francisco Silva, Limoges, November 2016.
  • Antoine Lemenant, Paris 7, December 2016.
  • Daniela Tonon, Dauphine, December 2017.
  • Guillaume Vigeral, Dauphine, December 2017.
  • Nicolas Bonneel, Lyon, November 2018.
  • Other supervised students

    Mémoires de M2 and Tesi di Laurea

  • Mohammad Radwan, 2012 (Ma-Trudinger-Wang regularity for optimal transport); after graduating, Mohammad came back to Syria to teach at Univ. of Damas.
  • Antonin Monteil, 2012 (Aviles-Giga, Gamma-convergence), co-supervised with R. Ignat; Antonin has been PhD student with us.
  • Alpár-Richard Mészáros (M2 École Polytechnique), 2012 (Mean field Games); Alpár has been PhD student with me.
  • Davide Piazzoli (M2 AAG), 2013 (Optimal transport for concave costs); Davide then became a graduate student at Cambridge (UK), co-supervised by C. Mouhot and F. Bolley (Paris 6), and is now working in the finance sector in Milan.
  • Maxime Laborde, 2013 (regularity for very degenerate elliptic equations); Maxime has then done his PhD in Dauphine, supervised by G. Carlier.
  • Paul Pegon (M2 AAG), 2014 (branched transport); Paul has then been PhD student with me.
  • Antoine Julia (M2 Paris 6), 2015 (Gamma-convergence to branched structures), co-supervised with F. Otto (MPI Leipzig); Antoine has then been PhD student with T. De Pauw, Paris 7.
  • Samer Dweik, 2015 (Beckmann problem); Samer has then been PhD student with me.
  • Hugo Lavenant, 2015 (Sobolev spaces with respect to measures); Hugo is now PhD student with me.
  • Adam Prosinski (M2 AAG), 2015 (Mean Field Games); Adam is now graduate student at Oxford, UK.
  • Valerio Pagliari (Roma, La Sapienza, erasmus at Orsay), 2016 (Hamilton Jacobi equations in the Wasserstein spaces), co-supervised with A. Siconolfi (La Sapienza); Valerio is now PhD student in Pisa.
  • Khanh Huynh, 2018 (moment measures and affine spheres).
  • Guillaume Chereau, 2019 (sliced Wasserstein distance), co-supervised with N. Bonneel (LIRIS, Lyon).
  • TER Orsay (Bachelor and 4th year short thesis)

  • Malek Ait-Kaci (optimal location), 2011
  • Sébastien Bernier (Geodesics and one-dimensional variational problems), 2011
  • Nicolas Goix (Black and Scholes model), 2011
  • Yushuang Wei (Hotelling problem), 2012
  • Matthieu Martin (Wardop equilibra and Braess paradoxe), 2012
  • Dimitri Lew and Toufik Boudinar (Golab's Theorem), 2013, L3
  • Thomas Debris (gradient flows), 2013/14
  • Louis Lecru and Marko Karbevski (Golab's Theorem), 2016, L3
  • TER Lyon 1 (4th year short thesis)

  • Joseph Lavoine (Wasserstein barycenters), 2019
  • 3rd year research internships at ENS Cachan

  • Cécile Carrère, Didier Lesesvre, Paul Pegon (optimal transport for oscillation-type costs, existence for the 1D case), co-supervised with A. Ciomaga, 2011.
  • T. Deleu, R. Ducasse, L. Sacchelli (optimal transport for oscillation-type costs, numerics in the 1D case), co-supervised with L. Simon, 2012.
  • M. Andjar, A. Maksoud (optimal location), 2013.
  • C. Touré, J. Trévisan (Mean Field Games and Benamou-Brenier algorithms), co-supervised with A. Preux, 2015.
  • R. Prebet, P. Simonot (Traffic congestion and augmented lagrangian algorithms), co-supervised with A. Preux, 2016.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Lambert Piozin, stage L3, Paris-Dauphine (cooperative equilibria in branched transport), 2009
  • S. Madar, J. Msika, groupe de travail MASEF, Dauphine (Hotelling problem), 2010
  • B. Ferrandez, A. Mueller, L.-A. Pallet, R. Prom, ENSAE, groupe de travail (geographical concurrency in the bank market), co-supervised with H. Fraisse (Banque de France), 2012.