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Recent Talks and meeetings


Invited speaker in the session: Inverse Problems in Elastic Media

Journées MMCS

Talk: Interferometric inversion.


Invited speaker in session: Inverse Problems in Elastography . Talk: Reverse weak formulation for quasi-static medical elastography - inversion under the plane stress approximation and stability issues.

Invited speaker in session: M13: Inverse Problems in Geomathematics and Seismology. Talk: Regularization for seismic sources inversion from interferometric data.

Replacment of E. Bretin in the session M25: Inverse Problems in Biomedical and Material Imaging. Talk: Direct inversion method for quasi-static medical elastography: stability and discretization.

Organizer of the session M25: Inverse Problems in Biomedical and Material Imaging together with A. Samore (U. of Bologna) & D. Lazzaro (U. of Bologna). Invited speakers: Elie Bretin, E. Brusseau, L. Calatroni, S. Morigi, D. Lazzaro, A. Niclas, E. Loli Piccolomini, S. Rebegoldi, G. Scrivanti, E. Vallarino, A. Viani.



Workshop: Spectral problems, inverse problems and more. Talk: Inf-sup constant and stability for some inverse parameter problems and their discretizations.

Talk: Stability an discretization techniques for some elliptic inverse parameter problems from internal data in elastography - application to breast tumors detection


AIP Grenoble

Talk: Direct reconstruction method in elastography.


PICOF Beyrouth

Probl&eagravemes Inverses, Contr&oacircle et Optimisation de Formes.

Workshop IMB Bordeaux

Séminaire Calcul Scientique et Modélisation, IMB Bordeaux.

Workshop Marseille

Inverse Problems and Related Fields


Journées de l'équipe Modélisation Mathématique et Calcul Scientifique

Lecture: Direct linear inversion for discontinuous elastic tensor recovery from internal displacements