Research experience:

Since October 2016: Permanent CNRS researcher at Institut Camille Jordan, University of Lyon, on an exchange position between the Physics and Mathematics Institutes of CNRS. I am part of the Research Team “Probability, Statistics, Mathematical Physics”.

September 2014—October 2016: Postdoc at the Max-Planck-Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany. I was in the group of Frank Pollmann ( → Munich, Germany).

January 2012—September 2014: Postdoc at the University of Virginia (Physics Department), Charlottesville, United States. I was in the group of Paul Fendley ( → Oxford, United Kingdom).

October 2008—December 2011: PhD at the “Institut de Physique théorique”, CEA/Saclay, France, under the supervision of Vincent Pasquier and Grégoire Misguich. Title “Entanglement in low-dimensional quantum systems”.

Some more information may be found here.

Selected publications:

All my publications are available on arXiv, or Google-scholar. Below are a some of them:

J-M. Stéphan, Return probability after a quench from a domain wall initial state in the spin-1/2 XXZ chain, Journal of Statistical Mechanics (2017) 103108. [arXiv:1707.06625].

J-M. Stéphan and F. Pollmann, Full counting statistics in the Haldane-Shastry chain, Physical Review B 95, 035119 (2017). [arXiv:1608.06856]

J. Dubail, J-M. Stéphan, J. Viti, and P. Calabrese, Conformal Field Theory for Inhomogeneous One-dimensional Quantum Systems: the Example of Non-Interacting Fermi Gases, Scipost Physics 2 002 (2017). [arXiv:1606.04401]

N. Allegra, J. Dubail, J-M. Stéphan, and J. Viti, Inhomogeneous field theory inside the arctic circle, Journal of Statistical Mechanics (2016) 053108. [arXiv:1512.02872]

J-M. Stéphan, Shannon and Rényi mutual information in quantum critical spin chains, Physical Review B 90, 045424 (2014). [arXiv:1403.6157]

J-M. Stéphan, H. Ju, P. Fendley, and R. Melko, Entanglement in gapless resonating-valence-bond states, New Journal of Physics 15, 015004 (2013). [arXiv:1207.3820]

J-M. Stéphan, G. Misguich, and V. Pasquier, Phase transition in the Rényi-Shannon entropy of Luttinger liquids, Physical Review B 84, 195128 (2011). [arXiv:1104.2544]

J-M. Stéphan, S. Furukawa, G. Misguich, and V. Pasquier, Shannon and entanglement entropies of one- and two-dimensional critical wave functions, Physical Review B 80, 184421 (2009). [arXiv:0906.1153]