Below are a few examples of talks I gave on various occasions.

Free fermions at the edge of interacting systems
Stony Brook, US, October 2018 (chalk talk) & ENS-Lyon, November 2018. Slides

Strange effects of integrability in a simple out of equilibrium problem
Montreal, Canada, September 2018. Slides

Entanglement scaling in 1d critical states (slightly) beyond the usual CFT
Florence, Italy, June 2018. Slides

Inhomogeneous quantum quenches in the XXZ spin chain
Lyon, France, October 2017. Slides

Inhomogeneous quantum quenches and the arctic circle
Regensburg, Germany, March 2016. Slides

Correlations and Field theory inside the arctic circle
Florence, Italy, June 2015. Slides

Entanglement and information in quantum and classical systems
Cologne, Germany, October 2014. Slides

Entanglement in simple 2d critical wave functions
Waterloo, Canada, July 2013. Slides

Emptiness formation probability, Toeplitz determinants and conformal field theory
Saclay, France, March 2013. Slides

Local quantum quenches in critical 1d systems: entanglement and light cone effects
Hsinchu, Taiwan, September 2012. Slides



Manifestations of conformal invariance in 2d classical statistical mechanics
Informal 2x1h30 seminar in probability theory, ICJ November 2018. Notes