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Professeur de Mathématiques Appliquées


Institut Camille Jordan
Bâtiment Braconnier, bureau 211
Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
Campus de la Doua
43 boulevard du 11 novembre 1918
69622 Villeurbanne cedex

Tel +33 (0)4 72 43 19 06

I have been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for my project Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the JKO Scheme (EYAWKAJKOS) which started in September 2023.
NEW: open postdoc position, see here for details.

I started a collaboration with the Lagrange Mathematics and Computing Research Center, created by Huawei in Paris, for an Optimal Transport project lead by A. Figalli and also involving G. Carlier and Q. Mérigot. See here. PhD and post-docs positions are often available.

My book Optimal Transport for Applied Mathematicians was published in 2015.
A new book on Calculus of Variations (master-level) has just been released by Springer.



Workshops, seminars and activities for end of 2023 and early 2024

Nov 12-17: I co-organized the Banach Center-Oberwolfach Graduate Seminar: Optimal Transport Theory and Hydrodynamics (from Euler to Monge and vice versa) together with Y. Brenier and M. Iacobelli.

Nov 20 : I gave a reading talk in our EYAWKAJKOS working group.

Nov 27 : I gave three taks in a row at ENS Lyon: first, in the seminar of the Analysis and Modeling group, one introductory talk to Wasserstein gradient flows and one more advanced on BV and Sobolev estimates in the JKO scheme, then a seminar for students in the "théminaire" on optimal quantization.

Dec 12-15: I was in Edinburgh for the Optimal Transport and the Calculus of Variations workshop at ICMS.

Dec 18: I will give a talk in the Séminaire de Mathématiques Accessibles in Saint-Etienne.

Feb 4-9: I am in Oberwolfach, taking part in the workshop Applications of Optimal Transportation.

Feb 13-15: I will take part in the workshop XXXIII Convegno Nazionale di Calcolo delle Variazioni (now in Riccione, not any more in Levico).

Mar 25-29: we organize in Lyon and Villeurbanne the Journées SMAI-MODE 2024.

e-mail: santambrogioCHIOCCIOLAmathPUNTOuniv-lyon1PUNTOfr or filippoPUNTOsantambrogioCHIOCCIOLAuniv-lyon1PUNTOfr
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