Courses taken from my book


My book project "Lectures on QUANTUM NOISE THEORY" is made of independent chapters, each of which is intended
as an independent lecture on some topic. Each lecture can be read independently, if one has the necessary background. These
lectures can be a good support for a course, or just for learning one precise topic. Altogether these lectures will provide a very
complete tour on Quantum Noises, their physical motivations, their precise mathematical theory. The first lectures should be accessible
to a student in Master 2.

I put them here for the moment, one after the other when they are completely ready, in free access until the book is published!
If you use them, please be kind enough to quote the one who has done all the hard work, that is, the author!

I put these lectures in public access also for you to react on them. So please, feel free to send any comment, misprint,
mistake, error ... or compliments!  directly to me by email.

Lect 1:   Operator and Spectral Theory

Lect 2:   Tensor Products and Partial Traces

Lect 3:   Operator Semigroups

Lect 4:   Stochastic Processes

Lect 5:   Quantum Mechanics

Lect 6:   Quantum Channels

Lect 7:  Quantum Probability

Lect 8:  Fock Spaces