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23-24 September 2021:Ranked groups - The return

a conference on groups of finite Morley rank to celebrate the return in France of Tuna Altınel.

Friday June 11, 2021:Tuna has returned to Lyon

27 May 2021: Tuna holds a valid passport !

The Turkish state puts “Academics For Peace” behind bars

Tuna Altınel has returned to Lyon on 11 June 2021, despite a 2 year harassment from the Turkish authorities. This is not yet the end of his struggle as the administration still threatens to cancel his passport.

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Two years after his passport was confiscated, Tuna speaks from Istanbul.

University Lyon 1 calling on President Macron
to take action so our colleague can return to us.
(English translation of the resolution)

Villeurbanne grants Tuna Altinel honorary citizenship.
(See the speeches by Tuna and by the support committee.)

Appeal of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)

Tuna Altınel, an assistant professor at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 since 1996 and a member of Institut Camille Jordan, was incarcerated by the Turkish authorities on Saturday 11 May, 2019. Internationally recognized as a mathematician, he is also a professor who stands as a model in clarity and dedication. He is also involved in the defense of human rights through the “Academics For Peace” movement.

Tuna Altınel is being prosecuted by the Turkish justice system for signing a petition entitled “We, Turkish academics, will not be a party to this crime”, in January 2016. This petition denounced the intervention of Turkish military forces in the south-east provinces of Turkey since the summer of 2015 (UN HCHR report) and called for the resumption of talks in order to restore peace.

As he arrived in Turkey on 12 April during French academic recess, his passport was confiscated. He was then arrested and incarcerated on Saturday 11 May. In February 2019, he participated in a public meeting—organized by an association legally recognized in France—, aiming to raise awareness about the consequences of military intervention on the civilian populations. His participation in that meeting appears to be one of the charges held against him.


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