7th franco-kazakh Colloquium in Model Theory

Institut Camille Jordan
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

List of participants

Programme scientifique

Tuesday 15 November

10h-10h15Kabylda Zhetpissov: Tolendi Garifovich Mustafin and the Soviet-French Colloquium on Model Theory
10h25-11h15Adrien Deloro: Quasi-Frobenius pairs of finite Morley rank
11h45-12h35Nurlan Markhabatov: Model theory of finite and pseudofinite graphs
14h-14h50Frank Wagner: Soluble dimensional groups
15h-15h25Nazerke Mussina: Jonsson hybrids and their similarities
15h55-16h45Bruno Poizat: The Weil and Hrushovski Theorems for Groups and Symmetrons

Thursday 17 November

9h30-10h20Tuna Altinel: Les groupes de permutations de rang de Morley fini
10h30-10h55Indira Tungushbayeva: Properties of companions of AP-theories
11h25-12h15Itaï Ben Yaacov: On codimension two valuations and globally valued fields
14h-14h50Yerzhan Baissalov & Jamalbek Tussupov: Formulas over minimal structures II
15h-15h50Paolo Marimon: Universally measure zero non-forking formulas in simple omega-categorical Hrushovski constructions
16h20-17h10Aibat Yeshkeyev: On Jonsson spectra and their existentially closed models

Abstracts of the talks