Algebra and Number Theory, Conference Lyon/Ottawa

Lyon (ICJ)

June 20 to June 24, 2016


This conference is the first mathematical meeting Lyon/Ottawa. It fits inside the exchange program ORA, that is Ontario/Rhône-Alpes.

The field is Algebraic and Number Theory. The following topics will be represented: transcendence, diophantine approximation, Iwasawa theory, representation theory and Lie theory, K-theory and motives, p-adic Langlands program, cluster algebras and non-commutative algebra.

The morning sessions will be devoted to two master lectures (in French). The first one deals with Grothendieck Children Drawings. This sits at the crossing of Galois theory and group theory. The second one deals with Geometry of Numbers. Starting with the famous Minskowski's theorem, the problem is its generalization to "rigid adelic spaces" with applications to the small solutions of quadratic equations. The afternoon sessions will be held in paralel with an "Algebra room'' and a "Number Theory" room.


S. Alsaody, D. Barrera Salazar, Y. Billig, L. Capuano, D. Corwin, A. Frabetti, S. Gaussent, L. Ghidelli, K. Iohara, M. Laurent, S. Le Fourn, O. Mathieu, E. Neher, F. Nicolae, F. Pellarin, A. Pianzola, A. Pichereau, V. Pilloni, N. Ressayre, S. Rozensztajn, H. Salmasian, A. Savage, P. Voutier.


Philippe Gille (ICJ, Lyon), Damien Roy (Ottawa University)

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