Areas of interest
A random 3-dimensional section of the 1000-cube © Jos Leys

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Alice and Bob meet Banach (book written with Stanislaw Szarek)

Publications and preprints

  1. Two-point symmetrization and convexity (with Mathieu Fradelizi), Archiv der Mathematik 82 (2004), 282-288. Pulished version.
  2. A sharp small deviation inequality for the largest eigenvalue of a random matrix, Séminaire de probabilités (2005), volume XXXVIII (LNM 1857). Pulished version.
  3. Tensor product of convex sets and the volume of separable states on N qudits (with Stanislaw Szarek), Physical Review A 73 (2006). Pulished version.
  4. Random points in the unit ball of \ell_p^n, Positivity 10, (2006) 755-759. Pulished version.
  5. Sampling convex bodies: a random matrix approach, Proceedings AMS 135 (2007), 1293-1303. Pulished version.
  6. Catalytic majorization and \ell_p norms (with Ion Nechita), Communications in Mathematical Physics 278 (2008), 133-144. Pulished version.
  7. Stochastic ordering for iterated convolutions and catalytic majorization (with Ion Nechita), Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (probabilité et statistiques) 45 (3), 611-625 (2009). Pulished version.
  8. On almost randomizing channels with a short Kraus decomposition, Communications in Mathematical Physics 288, 1103-1116 (2009). Pulished version.
  9. Maximal inequality for high-dimensional cubes, Confluentes Mathematici 1, 169-179 (2009). Pulished version.
  10. Non-additivity of Rényi entropy and Dvoretzky's Theorem, (with Stanislaw Szarek and Elisabeth Werner), Journal of Mathematical Physics 51, 022102 (2010). Pulished version.
  11. Hastings's additivity counterexample via Dvoretzky's theorem, (with Stanislaw Szarek and Elisabeth Werner), Communications in Mathematical Physics 305, 85-97 (2011). Pulished version.
  12. Partial transposition of random states and non-centered semicircular distributions, Random Matrices: Theory and Applications 1, 1250001 (2012). Pulished version.
  13. The multiplicative property characterizes l_p and L_p norms, (with Ion Nechita), Confluentes mathematici 3, 637 (2011). Pulished version.
  14. Entanglement thresholds for random induced states, (with Stanislaw Szarek and Deping Ye), Communications in Pure and Applied Mathematics 67, 129-171 (2014) Pulished version. ; see also the non-technical overview Phase transitions for random states and a semi-circle law for the partial transpose, Physical Review A (Rapid Communications) 85, 030302 (2012) Pulished version. and the proceeding from ICMP 2012: Is a random state entangled?
  15. Realigning random states, (with Ion Nechita), Journal of Mathematical Physics 53, 102210 (2012). Pulished version.
  16. Zonoids and sparsification of quantum measurements, (with Cécilia Lancien), Positivity 20, 1-23 (2016). Pulished version.
  17. Locally restricted measurements on a multipartite quantum system: data hiding is generic, (with Cécilia Lancien), Quantum Information and Computation 15, no. 5-6, 513--540. (2015). Pulished version.
  18. Catalysis in the trace class and weak trace class ideals, (with Fedor Sukochev and Dmitriy Zanin), Proceedings AMS 144, 2461-2471 (2016). Pulished version.
  19. Quantum Entanglement in high dimensions, Lecture notes from a winter school in Métabief (December 2014) preliminary version.
  20. Dvoretzky's theorem and the complexity of entanglement detection, (with Stanislaw Szarek), accepted for QIP'16. Discrete Analysis 1, 20pp (2017), Editorial introduction with link to arXiv version.

Here is a version(dvi ps pdf) of my PhD thesis.

And there is also a curriculum vitae (dvi).

To reach me:
aubrun (arrobas) math. univ-lyon1. fr

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