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Clopen type semigroups of actions on 0-dimensional spaces , preprint (2022) [PDF]

A topometric Effros theorem, joint work with I. Ben Yaacov to appear in Journal of Symbolic Logic [PDF]

From invariant measures to orbit equivalence, via locally finite groups, with S. Robert, to appear in Annales Henri Lebesgue [PDF]

Generic properties of homeomorphisms preserving a given dynamical simplex, to appear in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems [PDF].

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Homogeneous actions on Urysohn space, with P. Fima , F. Le Maître and S. Moon, to appear in Colloquium Mathematicum [PDF].

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Polish groups and Baire category methods, preprint (2015), submitted (this paper is based on my Habilitation thesis, with a few additions and substractions), Confluentes Mathematici 8 (2016), no.1, 89--164 [PDF].

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Linearly rigid metric spaces, joint work with F. Petrov and A.M Vershik, Fundamenta Mathematicae 199 (2008) no.2, 177-194.[PDF]
The above paper led to the publication of a note:
Linearly rigid metric spaces (joint with F. Petrov and A.M Vershik)Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences de Paris 344 (2007), 235-240.

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