Mobilité pour étudiants UCBL à Francfort 18-30 mars 2019

lundi 8 octobre 2018
par  Patrick Berger

Venez apprendre à poser les bonnes questions et enseigner les mathématiques à l’aide d’un rallye géolocalisé !

Deux semaines (presque !) tous frais payés à Francfort du 18 au 30 mars 2019. Le seul point noir : il n’y a que 6 places pour les étudiants Lyon 1.

Inscription : 40€, participation aux frais de déplacement : 10% du trajet.

Contactez l’IREM.

MoMaTrE– Mobile math Trails in Europe Intensive program

The aim of the MoMaTrE project is to work in an international setting to develop mathematical outdoor tasks with the MathCityMap- system to create math trails for 10 to 16 year old students. At the end of the Seminar the math trails will be tested and evaluated in a realistic educational context.

MoMaTrE, a joint international project with 7 partners :
- University Lyon Claude Bernard, France
- Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
- The Philosopher University Nitra, Slovakia
- ISEP, Porto, Portugal
- INESC-ID, Lisboa, Portugal
- Autentek GmbH, Berlin, Germany

The two-week Intensive Programme takes place
- during the period 2019-03-18 – 2019-03-30
- at the Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany The project offers

  • refund of 90% of travel costs (up to a certain limit)
  • accommodation at Frankfurt Youth Hostel (
  • breakfast and dinner every day
  • Social events, excursion
  • 3 ECTS credits if you pass the examination

The applicant should
- speak English well enough to engage in discussions about mathematics education
- study teacher education with focus on mathematics
- preferably be at least a second year student of teacher education
- be interested in mathematics and teaching
- be interested in international and multicultural experiences
- contribute with 40€ for public transport and canteen card.

The application should include a one page personal presentation, including
- educational background
- reasons for wanting to participate in MoMaTrE Intensive Program
- self-evaluation of English proficiency (written and oral)
- e-mail address

Documents joints

PDF - 380.5 ko
PDF - 380.5 ko



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