Workshop Quantum Information and the Frontiers of Quantum Theory

Lyon, June 27th-June 30th

The main theme of this workshop is about questioning the frontiers of quantum theory with a quantum information perspective. In particular, we plan to cover topics such as
  • spacetime and quantum theory (in particular information in black holes and quantum clocks),
  • observer physics (in particular thought experiments involving quantum observers, emergence of classicality)
  • mathematical theories beyond quantum (in particular generalized probabilistic theories).

    Invited speakers

  • Alexandre Feller (Lille)
  • Jonas Haferkamp (Berlin)
  • Ravi Kunjwal (Brussels)
  • Nuriya Nurgalieva (Zurich)
  • Yihui Quek (Berlin)
  • Daniel Stilck França (Lyon)
  • David Sutter (Zurich)
  • Freek Witteveen (Amsterdam)
  • Mischa Woods (Zurich/Grenoble)


    Here is a schedule of covered topics
  • June 27th: quantum computing
  • June 28th: spacetime and quantum theory
  • June 29th: observer physics; contributed talks
  • June 30th: generalized probabilistc theories; contributed talks

    and a more detailed schedule.

    Presentation Files

  • Arash Ahmadi, Quantifying quantum computational complexity via information scrambling
  • Carlo Cepollaro, Quantum generalisation of Einstein's Equivalence Principle can be verified with entangled clocks as quantum reference frames
  • Nathanaël Eon, A relativistic discrete spacetime formulation of 3+1 QED
  • Alexandre Feller, Emergence of classicality from information within a quantum world
  • Victor Gitton, Converging outer approximations of classical network correlations
  • Jonas Haferkamp, Linear growth of quantum circuit complexity
  • Ravi Kunjwal, A beginner's guide to the landscape of GPTs
  • Nuriya Nurgalieva, Testing quantum theory with thought experiments
  • Yihui Quek, How to learn your quantum state (and how not to)
  • Mizanur Rahaman, Counterexamples to the extendibility of positive maps
  • Denis Rochette, A geometrical description of the universal 1 → 2 asymmetric quantum cloning region
  • Freek Witteveen, Quantum information and quantum gravity
  • Mischa Woods, Quantum clocks


    Talks will take place in Amphi B (3rd floor) at Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Lyon. How to get to ENS?

    Lists of registered participants

  • Arash Ahmadi
  • Aymen Al Marjani
  • Abdulmenaf Altintas
  • Armando Angrisani
  • Guillaume Aubrun
  • Marc Bernot
  • Jérémie Bouttier
  • Vanessa Brzic
  • Carlo Cepollaro
  • Nathan Claudet
  • Pascal Degiovanni
  • Charlie Dworaczek
  • Cyril Elouard
  • Nathanael Eon
  • Pouria Fallahpour
  • Omar Fawzi
  • Alexandre Feller
  • Jonas Fuksa
  • Victor Gitton
  • Virgile Guemard
  • Jonas Haferkamp
  • Ravi Kunjwal
  • Cécilia Lancien
  • Faedi Loulidi
  • Yao Ma
  • Frédéric Magniez
  • Antoine Marquet
  • Nicolás Medina Sánchez
  • Martin Novello
  • Nuriya Nurgalieva
  • Michał Oszmaniec
  • Aadil Oufkir
  • Yihui Quek
  • Mizanur Rahaman
  • Denis Rochette
  • Tommaso Roscilde
  • Ala Shayeghi
  • Daniel Stilck França
  • David Sutter
  • Selim Touati
  • Louis Vignoli
  • Freek Witteveen
  • Mischa Woods
  • Trinh Xuan Du


    Guillaume Aubrun, Pascal Degiovanni, Omar Fawzi


    The workshop is part of a trimester PhysMathLyon organized by the Labex Milyon