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Published or accepted

The copyright to some of published and accepted articles belongs unfortunately to the respective publishers. Access to electronic versions of these articles is given with the permission of the copyright holders.
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  58. Itaï Ben Yaacov and Julien Melleray, A topometric Effros theorem, Journal of Symbolic Logic, to appear, arXiv:2209.02245, (last updated: 2022-10-24).

Articles in preparation and research notes

  1. Itaï Ben Yaacov, On the theory of adapted spaces, research notes.

  2. Itaï Ben Yaacov, On a C*-algebra formalism for continuous first order logic, research notes.

  3. Itaï Ben Yaacov, Transfer of properties between measures and random types, research notes.

  4. Itaï Ben Yaacov, The Vandermonde determinant identity in higher dimension, research notes, arXiv:1405.0993, (last updated: 2018/01/11).

  5. Itaï Ben Yaacov, Estimates on volumes of homogeneous polynomial spaces, research notes, arXiv:1801.06994, (last updated: 2018/01/25).

  6. Itaï Ben Yaacov and Isaac Goldbring, Unitary representations of locally compact groups as metric structures, preprint, 2021, arXiv:2111.02835.

  7. Itaï Ben Yaacov, On the expressive power of quantifiers in continuous logic, unpublished note, arXiv:2207.01863, (last updated: 2022/07/05).


  1. Introduction to Mathematical Logic lecture notes